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“It is said that a blind man could steer a boat to the coast of Kerala, following the aromas on the offshore wind. This narrow strip of fertile land in Southern India is well within the humid equatorial tropics, a perfect hothouse climate for growing spices such as cinnamon, cassia, cardamom, ginger, and turmeric, known and traded in the ancient eastern world, and so sought after 200 years ago for pepping up the flavours of the otherwise bland food of Europe, that one ounce of cloves was equal in value to an ounce of gold.” (GB )

features in international boating magazines,NL UK

“The southern indian state provides an exotic and unusual backdrop for a tour with a difference. from bustling ports to sleepy backwaters, its colour and culture is hard to forget” (WJ)

feature for  Boat International magazine (UK )

advertorial for life style nautical magazine  - Nautique (NL)

Marari Beach resort ,Alappuzha, Kerala

advertorial for life style nautical magazine- Nautique (NL)

Bruton Boat Yard,  Fort Cochin , Kerala. India