germany - east and west


East Germany- Mecklenburg  is often called the 'land of a thousand lakes' connected by canals and mighty rivers , in an area once 'behind the iron curtain' pre Germany ‘s reunification of both the East's  German Democratic Republic and the West's Federal Republic of Germany

Very little English is spoken, with Russian the first language then German, so we took a German writer from Hamburg with us to interpret what  we were seeing.

Even he thought it was like entering a time warp




article commissioned by Motor Boat Monthy magazine

July 2008

article commissioned by Motorhome Monthy  Magazine (UK)

September 2011

article commissioned by RV Life magazine (USA)

September 2011

Wine Trail -German Liebfraumilch is a semi-sweet German white wine, now often referred to as plonk.  The  German wine industry was tarnished as a result of its production of vast quantities and exporting to the UK and USA 30 years ago. Forward on 30 years and the German wine industry has just recovered from this stigma.  We visited the largest wine festival in the world and then continued along the wine routes of the Rhine and Mosel to investigate.

article commissioned by

Nautique magazine (NL)

May 2008

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