devon - surfing

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“We’re back! Croyde, Devon - the surfing mecca - and it’s not the 1960s in a Vee Dub, but in a coachbuilt motor home with the grandchildren at spring half term.

We’re not looking for the ‘perfect wave’, but we do want to show them what we enjoyed in our campervan life when younger.”

article commissioned by Practical Motor Home magazine

June 2013




Here we were kitted out - one week before summer was officially declared in Britain, lying on long boards in a semi-circle on the sand having lessons with trained teachers.

As the minimum age for lessons is eight, four-year-old Arun  watched and then joined me on the surfboard to learn the ‘pop up’.


The museum’s theme this year is the ‘Sixties Surfer’ - looking at the decade when modern surfing culture first washed ashore on the UK’s beaches in the 1960s.