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Destination Caribbean

- st marrten. st.barts.  anguila commissioned by

Nautique magazine

(NL) February 2005

Sint Maarten  Regatta commissioned by Nautique magazine (NL)February  2005

Sint Maarten  Regatta

The first race in the northern hemisphere's winter racing season after Key West ,Florida and organised by the Sint Maarten Yacht Club.

Heavily sponsored as a way of promoting tourism to the island for a holiday Destination for the competitors families to enjoy at the same time as do many other Caribbean islands .

Ships transport the international competitor’s yachts for the islands seasonal  circuit before returning  to Europe again for the spring /summer races.

The two neighbouring islands of  French St Bart's, with its  Cote d'azur  chicness' and Anguilla a 'yesteryear  colonial ' British Overseas Territory .couldn't be more different to the southern half of the Caribbean island of Dutch Sint Maarten,

while the northern half of the island constitutes the French overseas collectivity. of Saint-Martin.


published work

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